Simply Sitting is a housesitting service operating
in the greater Brisbane area.

Why Choose Us

Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, birds, rats, mice, cows, ducks, chicken, ferrets, frogs, skinks… our housesitters have cared for all types of animals.

Grand homes, family homes, cosy cottages, units or townhouses… we can usually find a housesitter to suit.

Please note: all our housesitters provide a live-in service. We do not provide a daily visiting service. Our minimum booking period is strictly one week. In mutual agreement with the house sitter(s), they can also do long weekends or shorter weeks, but the minimum fee is still one week



Leaving a home unattended may make it a target for unwanted guests. A live-in housesitter acts as a natural deterrent, giving a home an “occupied” look.



Having pets looked after in their own home environment ensures they receive the individual attention they deserve. Our housesitters will feed, exercise, play with, talk to, groom and medicate animals of all shapes and sizes, based on the homeowner’s instructions.



Homeowners can return to a garden that’s been watered and cared for. Simply Sitting’s housesitters will do basic garden care and pool maintenance.

About us

Simply Sitting is a housesitting service operating in the greater Brisbane area. Since 1 July 2000, we have recommended reliable housesitters to thousands of homeowners throughout Brisbane.

Simply Sitting takes the worry out of leaving home by providing mature housesitters for short or long periods. A live-in housesitter offers you an affordable way to ensure your home, garden and pets are well looked after while you are away.

Suited Housesitters

Simply Sitting meets with homeowners at their property, at a mutually convenient time, before suggesting a housesitter. This gives us a chance to answer questions and discuss the type of housesitter best suited to the homeowner’s personal needs.

Simply Sitting encourages homeowners to meet with their suggested housesitter prior to departure, to discuss all aspects of their requirements. We provide a Task Sheet for the homeowner to complete so that their housesitter has all the detailed information they need at their fingertips.

During the homeowner’s absence, Simply Sitting is in regular contact with the housesitter.

Simply Sitting’s housesitters will:

Feed, exercise and
care for pets

Maintain gardens
and pools

Check security
around the home

Put out the garbage

Collect mail

Contact us

Address: P.O. Box 28, Moorooka, QLD. 4105 Australia
Phone: 1300 721 061
Mobile: 0412 866 775

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